Multilingual Voice Over

Those who create material such as television shows, documentaries or video games will know that the audio package which comes with the visual action is an integral part of creating the all-round experience audiences crave. Therefore, as a means of allowing a wider audience to access this material, it is very important to translate this audio package into a variety of different languages using a multilingual voiceover service.

At Polilingua, our multilingual voiceovers are of a very high quality, with only the finest audio equipment and most experienced translators assigned to each piece. Thanks to our policy of using native speakers wherever possible, your multimedia creation will benefit from translators who can accurately capture the style, tone and message of their script so as to not dull the impact of the piece you require to be translated. With highly affordable prices, including a free initial quote, and a very high quality of service, we guarantee complete client satisfaction in 100 per cent of cases.

Video Dubbing

Thanks to the rapid globalization of the media industry, more and more filmmakers are realising the advantages of video dubbing. This, in a nutshell, is removing the existing audio track from a movie, documentary or television show and replacing it with a translated script without losing any of the emotion, tension or tone originally envisaged by the creator of the piece.

Polilingua has on hand a large number of highly experienced multilingual voice actors who have worked in many markets around the world. Furthermore, Polilingua has a proven track record of working in partnership with not only businesses in the film and television industry, but also in other areas such as game development and internet video production, meaning that we are very capable of recognizing the style and tone required for each piece we receive.

Video and Mobile Games

As games consoles become more advanced and consumers become increasingly desensitized to technological progression, it is becoming more and more important for game developers of all platforms to produce material which is visually and audibly perfect under intense scrutiny. This is why, when commissioning a voiceover script, developers should always start by getting a free quote from Polilingua.

A raft of experience in the industry and a team of highly professional multilingual voice actors are only two of the tools in our arsenal – we also offer a fast turnaround service, a wide choice of content formats to suit your needs and, best of all, an option to localize translation for different languages should you wish to target a specific market or country. These factors, along with our very reasonable rates and our offer to provide a free quote for any work without commitment, are just some of the reasons Polilingua is so in demand within the multilingual gaming sector.

Radio and Television Commercials

When attempting to reach a wide customer base, radio and television remain two of the most important means of spreading your company message. By translating a commercial into multiple different languages, therefore, you can broaden this reach and even take a huge step in entering a new market.

Choosing to partner with Polilingua ensures you will receive an all-round service which guarantees satisfaction. This is because the first step we take is to provide a number of samples meeting your selection criteria in any language you require, ensuring you remain involved in the voiceover process at all stages. Not only does this mean you will be able to use the voice actor you think would best suit your piece, but it allows you to have complete peace of mind knowing your work is always moving in the right direction.