Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are becoming increasingly important for both individuals and organizations within the business world, as the globalization of industry has caused many firms to seek expansion options overseas – often in countries which speak numerous different languages. As a result, the need to be able to hold conversations with representatives of overseas branches has become imperative for strong growth.

At Polilingua, our interpreters are highly experienced and have educational backgrounds in a number of different areas of business, ensuring that literal translation of technological terms is highly achievable. Furthermore, our interpreters are completely unbiased in business situations, ensuring that translations are to the point; a definite boon when in the advanced stages of a complicated negotiation process!

Thanks to our ability to offer interpretation either in person or via telephone, we can arrange a service which suits your needs wherever in the world you are. Our range of fantastic rates also mean interpreting services are affordable for any size of organization.

Conference Interpreters

Having an interpreter on hand at a conference is highly useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it will allow the attending representative of a business to remain on top of topics of discussion, thereby ensuring they receive all of the information they require instantly. Additionally, an interpreter will be able to translate any questions they have for keynote speakers or attending business leaders, thus allowing them to make the most of their day.

Clarity is hugely important in a conference situation, as conducting presentations in an efficient manner means more time can be dedicated to problem solving issues which arise at any given moment. Polilingua’s team of experienced interpreters have a broad range of interests and backgrounds in many areas of the business world, meaning that the ideal interpreter can be matched to your conference needs.

Legal and Court Interpreters

Legal and court interpreters know that discretion is highly important in their line of work, but even more so is the ability to seamlessly translate often complex legal terms into a number of different languages. Furthermore, it is imperative that they remain neutral at all times so as to evade accusations of bias – something which all Polilingua interpreters strictly adhere to.

Although many courts and legal offices are able to provide an interpreting service if required, engaging Polilingua’s assistance an often be cheaper and provide a more efficient, knowledgeable service on a case by case basis. Our court and legal interpreters all have a strong foundational knowledge of the legal system of the countries in which they operate, and although they cannot advise on individual cases, will ensure that all interpretational requirements are fulfilled to the highest possible quality.

Interpreters for Business Meetings

As the saying goes, “time is money”, therefore saving time in a business meeting is invaluable. Having a business meeting interpreter on hand, or on the telephone, can be one of the best ways to save time in a situation where multiple global offices are in discussion, or even when a business client from overseas enlists a company’s services.

At Polilingua, our interpreters have strong experience in a number of different areas of business, meaning that any industry-specific terms or figures can be translated without losing any degree of understanding whatsoever. In our team are a number of native speakers of the majority of world languages, including less commonly spoken ones, so traversing the global business market is absolutely no problem.

Our reasonable rates and commitment to delivering high quality interpretation services precedes us, meaning that we are confident in guaranteeing complete client satisfaction in 100 per cent of cases.