Multilingual SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important tools in business today as it provides companies with the opportunity to reach a wider pool of potential clients through their online operations. By translating key phases and search options into a number of different languages, therefore, businesses can further expand their reach and gain access to an international client base as a means of lifting revenues and increasing profit margins.

At Polilingua, we realise that 63 per cent of internet users are non-English speakers, meaning that the best way to make the most of a marketing budget is allocating funds for multilingual SEO. By offering the highest quality service possible, and also by providing an affordable service which begins with a free quote, we aim to help businesses achieve a very strong reach whilst also saving money as a means of demonstrating professionalism both in their domestic markets and overseas.

Multilingual Content

The standard and message of content must be of a high standard in order to best make use of online marketing as this is, in essence, the basis upon which clients will decide whether or not to pursue a contract with your company. As a result, including not only key words and phrases but also an indicator as to your overall direction as a company is a must in order to appeal to a broad range of clients.

By translating this key word rich content into multiple languages, Polilingua can assist in generating increased visits to your company website and also in securing a greater amount of work for your business. Our fantastic team have a wealth of experience in producing blog posts, articles and web pages which is optimized for each and every language they are translated into. Not only does this allow for search engines around the globe to pick up on frequently used search terms, but it also improves readability for potential clients scoping out your company.

SEO Specifics

The science behind SEO can be a little complicated, but in basic terms SEO ensures that, when specific key words or phrases are entered into search engines such as Google, your web page (or even multiple web pages from your overall website) will appear in a high position in the list of returns. Obviously, by translating optimized content into multiple languages, the number of times your website will appear in top searches will increase on a global scale.

Polilingua’s translators are not only able to translate content seamlessly from one language to another, but are also able to insert common search terms from a variety of different languages on a country by country basis. Cultural and linguistic nuances mean that, even in two countries which speak the same language, the phrases and terms most commonly searched for will not be exactly identical, meaning that out translators must recognise which phrases must be utilised in order to help businesses correctly target their desired markets. By combining this with popular SEO techniques such as long tail keywords and researching keywords, this will maximize both webpage hits and conversion rates.

Multilingual Pay Per Click

Pay per click, or PPC, is becoming a hugely popular way to reach consumers as the internet continues to grow. Polilingua can assist in this often tricky area of marketing by customizing a package for your business which combines optimized keywords in each language you wish to translate content into, as well as compiling multilingual adverts and creating a specialist landing page for potential customers reaching your website through a PPC campaign.

As well as being highly affordable, this service is ideal for creating marketing leads and also driving buyers to your website.