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Multilingual Transcription Services

Transcription is one of the most useful tools in the legal, medical and business fields as transferring the spoken word into electronic text saves a lot of time when workloads begin to pile up. It is also a great way to retain information from conferences, meetings or even court appearances without the need to search through large audio files – PoliLingua can tailor make a template for you at no extra cost which breaks down text into easily searchable segments in any language of your choice.

After uploading a dictation file or audio recording via PoliLingua’s transcription workflow system, our clients simply specify the timeframe they require the completed document within and wait until our team of expert transcriptionists and proof readers deliver the 100 per cent accurate, fully translated document straight to their inbox. Our efficiency, professionalism and high standards are the reasons PoliLingua is one of the most popular multilingual transcription services in the world today.

Conference Transcription

Conference transcription is particularly useful for businesses operating on a global level as, quite frankly, flying staff members who speak different languages from around the world in for an event can be very pricey! By recording the proceedings of a conference, and using PoliLingua’s multilingual transcription service, important information from the event can be dispersed in text form to employees to ensure all global departments are up to speed with new initiatives. Furthermore, conference attendees are then free to participate in discussions and ask the important questions safe in the knowledge that they do not need to spend their time taking notes.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription can be highly useful for both businesses and individuals as it provides a searchable, legible document for reference purposes at any point in the future. The most common requests for legal transcription involve recordings of hearings and depositions along with dictations of legal professionals. At PoliLingua, our legal transcriptionists have either hands on experience or a grounding in education within the legal field, ensuring that all multilingual transcriptions are factually and linguistically correct.

Interview Transcriptions

Multilingual interview transcriptions are most useful when the interviewer is seeking to disseminate information to the international press – therefore, this is an extremely valuable service for businesses and individuals seeking to promote their organisation on a global scale. It is also a useful means of ensuring all information released is correct, thus covering the interviewer legally from misinformation accusations.