Translation Services

As businesses expand, it can be necessary to translate documents, marketing information and even entire websites into one or more different languages as a means of increasing a customer base. However, it is important for a business to ensure that the materials translated are of a high quality and the information remains correct in any language it is translated to – this is where Polilingua comes in.

Polilingua uses a combination of machine translation and the expertise of teams of native speakers in order to ensure all of our clients are entirely satisfied with the end product. We specialize in translation services of all different types and sectors, so whether you require translation of a medical paper or legal document our friendly and professional team are here to help.

We also strive to work to any deadlines or budgetary constraints our clients have, which is why Polilingua is one of the leading online translation services available in the world today.

Certified Translations

Certified translations, or as they are otherwise known official translations, can be hugely important for both businesses and individuals as they generally concern official documents such as birth certificates, passport applications or materials destined to be released by a public authority into the local domain. As a result, it is hugely important that all of the information contained within them is correct; hence the certification.

Should you require a certified translation from Polilingua, all you have to do is send over the original source material and we can take care of the rest. In return, you will receive the translated document along with a statement signed by a representative of our company attesting that the information provided is an accurate and complete translation of the text we received – a “Certificate of Accuracy”, as it is known. This certificate will be counter-signed by a Notary Public to give you complete peace of mind.

Website Translation and Localization

When expanding a business overseas it can be tricky to tap into the nuances and idioms of a foreign culture, which is absolutely essential should you wish to create a comprehensive and professional website. Fortunately, Polilingua’s team of more than 5,000 translators have a wealth of experience in not only translating websites into a different language but also ensuring the information provided complies with local language idiosyncrasies.

Most businesses requesting website translation and localization services prefer to maintain a global image whilst still “speaking the language” of their target market, but if this is not the image you wish your website to portray our friendly and professional team will be more than happy to discuss different angles and options with you. As one of the primary tools for global business expansion, we realise how important website translation and localization is and as a result we offer our clients nothing but the best.

Financial Translations

Financial translations are some of the most important documents we at Polilingua receive each week, so it is very important for us that we provide an absolutely watertight service in this area. All of our financial translators have backgrounds in the legal, marketing or banking sectors – that way, we can assign your project to experts in the field no matter what type of financial document is required.

Whether you require a translation of a profit and loss statement, an annual report or an audit statement, Polilingua is well placed to provide a high quality document which meets the standard of most countries around the world. Running an international business can be both stressful and expensive, but with free quotes, a fast turnaround and a hugely qualified team we are confident that we can meet your needs whilst ensuring maximum satisfaction.